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Even in the 21st century, business is done between people and at the end, success depends on real people. It’s a balance between “give and take”!

Successfully doing business means making people with different languages and cultural backgrounds understand each other and bridging possible difficulties based on culture, language or background.

It means providing customers with well thought-through and viable solutions whilst also taking fair working conditions for and knowledge transfer to people in African countries as well as environmental aspects into account. In some countries the principle “keep it as simple as possible” may be the right approach in order to ensure a lasting success of a project. Whenever possible, we try to make use of technology, machines and materials from Germany or other central-European countries.

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After having trained, graduated and worked as an electrician, I studied law at university (LMU) in Munich, Germany. Afterwards, I worked as Legal Manager for a multi-national company in Munich before going back into the technical field and working as Legal and Business Development Manager for a German gen-set producer at its South African subsidiary for several years.

Having travelled extensively through and worked with people in many African countries, I gradually came to understand why the huge cultural gap and missing understanding between Europeans and Africans so often unnecessarily impedes the success of projects and they unnecessarily do not reach their full potential. On the other hand, it is often difficult for Europeans to find and select trustworthy partners who are willing to put through projects through all stages in the long run. Quite often, it is indispensable to have a European go-between working on the project with all parties concerned at all times in order to immediately bridge any and all difficulties coming up. I make sure that the experts on different continents understand each other and things get done on site to the full satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Besides having spent several years in Africa in the power generating field and knowing about the way business is done there, I have the right contacts in Africa as well as Europe and can help you to approach new markets or improve you existing buisness with a broad network of of experienced entrepreneurs and companies from various industry sectors, government bodies or financial investors.

In the power sector your specific solution may be solved with wind, hydro, solar, biomass, diesel or gas powered power plants. We will look into the matter and find the perfect solution for you.



I work with experienced entrepreneurs, companies and business groups focusing on the African market in a wide range of business fields.

Business focus: energy sector, technical & vocational training solutions, agro business, health care, water & waste water solutions, industry

Country focus: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Cote Ivory, but I also have leads in many other countries.

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